Tennis Elbow vs. Golfer’s Elbow – Know the Difference

At our various tennis elbow treatment centers in Wilkes Barre, King of Prussia, Paoli, Cherry Hill, and other communities throughout PA and NJ, we regularly treat patients who come to us with persistent elbow pain. However, many folks don’t realize that tennis elbow is not the only form of elbow tendinitis — ever heard of golfer’s elbow? Here, we briefly explain the difference between these two types of tendinitis and offer insight into the treatment options.  

The Common Denominator: Tendinitis

Tendinitis occurs when your body’s tendons become damaged and inflamed. Most forms of tendinitis stem from certain structures in your body being overused during daily life. If fatigue and overuse aren’t the culprits, an acute injury could be to blame.

There are two very common types of elbow tendinitis: tennis elbow and golf elbow. Believe it or not, these conditions can affect any active person regardless of their affiliation (or lack thereof) with sports. Unassuming activities like gardening and painting are known to contribute to tendinitis in some people, but different activities can lead to different types of tendinitis.

What’s the Difference Between Tennis Elbow & Golfer’s Elbow?

Both conditions result from tendinitis in the upper extremities, but the main difference between them is where the pain is felt, and what tendons are damaged. Check out the infographic below for a breakdown of the difference between tennis elbow and golfer’s elbow:

Infographic outlining the difference between tennis elbow and golfer's elbow

Are you experiencing symptoms of either of these types of tendinitis? If so, you should address the issue as soon as possible to prevent it from getting worse.

How to Treat Tennis Elbow & Golf Elbow

If you are in need of tendinitis treatment near Delaware County, PA, visit one of Philadelphia Hand to Shoulder’s 17 state-of-the-art treatment centers throughout King of Prussia, Paoli, Cherry Hill, and other communities in the area, to find lasting relief. Whether you are dealing with pain in your fingers, hands, wrists, arms, elbows, or shoulders, we are well-versed in the causes, symptoms, and solutions. Request an appointment today!

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