Telemedicine Physician Appointments

(By Appointment Only)

Consent: By proceeding with a telemed on-line appointment, you are consenting PHSC to bill your insurance carrier for the appointment. You will be responsible for any co-payment or co-insurance that applies, based on your insurance’s telemedicine coverage.

Click on the name of your physician below to launch the telemed platform and log-in for your appointment.

*Please Note: The telemed platform works best with a strong WiFi connection and with Chrome, Firefox, or Safari  (not Internet Explorer). Also, mobile devices and tablets seem to work better than laptops and computers.*

Thomas J. Gillon, M.D.
Sidney M. Jacoby, M.D.
Patrick M. Kane, M.D.
Leonid I. Katolik, M.D.
Kenneth A. Kearns, M.D.
Rowena McBeath, M.D., Ph.D
Andrew J. Miller, M.D.
Praveen G. Murthy, MD
A. Lee Osterman, M.D.
Meredith N. Osterman, M.D.
Mark S. Rekant, M.D
Eon K. Shin, M.D.
Adam B. Strohl, M.D.
Stephanie Sweet, M.D.
Matthew S. Wilson, M.D.
David S. Zelouf, M.D.

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