Two of our senior partners exemplify the essence of Philadelphia Hand to Shoulder Center through their work in countries with limited healthcare resources. Supported by the Hand Rehabilitation Foundation, A. Lee Osterman, MD and Randall W. Culp. MD led two medical missions in 2018 that resulted in exceptional care and eternal gratitude, not only from the patients they treated, but also from the overseas physicians and therapists they educated along the way.

The Honduras Mission

For the Honduras missions, which he has been making for the last 15 years, Dr. Culp was joined by two other hand surgeon and 18 additional clinicians including physicians, therapists, hand surgery fellows and residents. About half of their Honduran patients had defensive wounds from a machete, a weapon carried by many in the country. Other cases included thumb and finger deformities, amputations, and burn contractures. The team’s goal during this trip was to help as many patients as they cold with the limited time they had. They saw nearly 300 patients in a week and performed more than 120 surgeries. For his work, Dr. Culp was honored by the Honduran government for his years of service to the country. His award, the first of its kind, was presented by the Second vice President of the National Congress of Honduras. During his acceptance speech, Dr. Culp expressed gratitude to his team and pointed out that his reason for coming to Honduras each year is more than just hand surgery. “The people are so wonderful,” he said. “When I see faces of Honduran people who can finally have surgery, I feel a sense of accomplishment I can’t get anywhere else.”

The Rwanda Mission

At the request of a local physicians, Dr. Osterman led a mission team to Kigali, Rwanda in April 2018. Among those who joined him on his first mission trip to the country included

Adam B. Strohl, MD and a team of physicians, hand therapists, hand surgery fellows and surgical nurses. While the team primarily focused on treating brachial plexus injuries and conditions during their week’s stay, they also carried out numerous complex procedures including wrist reconstruction, tendon reconstruction and bone realignment.

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