“A Life Free of Wrist, Hand and Shoulder Pain Is Possible. Philly Doctors Explain How.”

Dr. Ken Kearns and Dr. Adam Strohl are featured in Philadelphia Magazine article on phillymag.com. #PHSCPROUD

Once upon a time, you had the agility to dance the night away and bounce back the next morning without even a headache. But somewhere along the line, you grew up—and now, it can feel like every movement is accompanied by aches and pains that feel as random as they do uncomfortable. Your hands and fingers go numb or tingle while writing down a grocery list, or reaching for cereal on the top shelf sends a shooting pain down your arm. You’re left feeling old, accepting that this is what your life looks like now.

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Woman holding her red, sore elbow

Why Does My Elbow Make a “Popping” Noise?

Have you ever stretched your arms over your head and heard a surprising pop from your elbow? We’ve all been there. Our bodies are full of amazing mechanisms, and our joints are just one of them. Sometimes, popping is a normal part of having elbows. Think of it like a car door — a little creak every now and then is normal, but constant loud clanking might signal a problem. So, what’s the deal with a popping elbow? We’ll take a look into the “why” and “how” of these sometimes surprising sounds. Read more “Why Does My Elbow Make a “Popping” Noise?”

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