Young son sitting on his father's shoulders as they flex their muscles

How to Keep Your Shoulders Healthy & Avoid Injury

Whether you’re an athlete, a fitness enthusiast, or someone who spends long hours at a desk, the shoulders are prone to wear and tear. However, in our fast-paced lives, we often neglect caring for our shoulders until discomfort or pain reminds us of the importance of shoulder health. To avoid the inconvenience and potential long-term consequences of shoulder injuries, it’s essential to adopt proactive measures to remain strong and flexible. Read more “How to Keep Your Shoulders Healthy & Avoid Injury”

Physical therapist helping a patient with elbow arthritis perform daily exercises

What Exercises Can Help With Elbow Arthritis?

Living with the discomfort and difficulty of chronic joint inflammation can be incredibly hard to manage day-to-day. Fortunately, there are ways to make it easier — starting with exercises that stretch, strengthen, and mobilize your elbows. The best part is that you can do many of these exercises right in your home. So turn on your favorite television show or turn up some motivating tunes, and start showing your elbows some love!

Read more “What Exercises Can Help With Elbow Arthritis?”

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