Tennis Elbow vs. Golfer’s Elbow – Know the Difference

At our various tennis elbow treatment centers in Wilkes Barre, King of Prussia, Paoli, Cherry Hill, and other communities throughout PA and NJ, we regularly treat patients who come to us with persistent elbow pain. However, many folks don’t realize that tennis elbow is not the only form of elbow tendinitis — ever heard of golfer’s elbow? Here, we briefly explain the difference between these two types of tendinitis and offer insight into the treatment options.  

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Searching For Better Treatments For Irritated Tendons

“The most effective natural method for treating tendinosis is to stop the repetitive action that causes the injury in order to let the area heal,” says surgeon and cell biologist Rowena McBeath, MD, PhD, at the Philadelphia Hand to Shoulder Center at Jefferson Health, who led the study. “But stopping an activity that people depend on for income can be quite difficult. Patients often get worse and ultimately require surgery and even lengthier recovery periods.” Read more “Searching For Better Treatments For Irritated Tendons”

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