Excellent Orthopaedic Care in Montgomery County

Your upper extremity, from the fingers to the arm and shoulder is one of the most complex and sensitive areas of the body. Injuries to any joints, ligaments, tendons, and bones can easily disrupt your life, making it more difficult to complete everyday tasks. Though day-to-day inconveniences should be enough to prompt medical attention, leaving these issues untreated by professionals can easily lead to long-lasting pain and complications. If you or someone you know is suffering from arm injuries in the Greater Philadelphia Area, look no further than the Philadelphia Hand to Shoulder Center.

At the Philadelphia Hand to Shoulder Center, a leading orthopaedic care center in Montgomery County, PA, our orthopaedic specialists and surgeons provide the best treatment and rehabilitation for sports injuries as well as hand, wrist, arm, elbow, and shoulder trauma and complications, including tendonitis, dislocated shoulders, carpal tunnel, and rotator cuff issues.

Our objective at the Philadelphia Hand to Shoulder Center is to help our patients recover quickly from their injuries. Our orthopaedic specialists and surgeons are skilled hand to shoulder experts who care deeply about their patients and are knowledgeable about various treatment and surgery options. Additionally, our many reliable therapy and rehab options for fractures, cubital tunnel syndrome, arthritis, joint replacement, and other trauma have been proven effective in speeding up recovery.

Our Convenient Montgomery County, PA Locations

We pride ourselves on the expertise that each specialist brings to our local orthopaedic care centers in the area. From rotator cuff tears and elbow tendonitis to dislocated fingers and broken forearms, we supply proper local orthopaedic care when and where you need it.

We are located in convenient areas within Montgomery County, PA, including:

If you have any hand to shoulder injuries or problems and require medical assistance and surgery, we urge you to give one of our five Montgomery County locations a call or visit our contact page to schedule an appointment.

Best Orthopaedic Care in Montgomery County, PA

Nothing is worse than sustaining an injury or experiencing pain and not knowing who you can turn to for comprehensive treatment. That is why our medical specialists in the Montgomery County area are versatile in our practice and can treat a wide range of problems. Listed below are only a few of the many issues we treat and services we provide:

  • Arthritis
  • Carpal Tunnel
  • Cubital Tunnel Syndrome
  • Forearm and Upper Arm Injuries
  • Fractured and Broken Bones
  • Dislocated Shoulders
  • Rotator Cuff Tears
  • Elbow Replacement
  • Sports Rehab

Our Promise

For nearly half a century, Philadelphia Hand to Shoulder Center has been the leading institution for hand, wrist, arm, elbow, and shoulder injury and complications care, treatment, and rehabilitation in the Philadelphia area. It is crucial that all patients living with orthopaedic injuries should receive the best individualized expert care possible from a passionate orthopaedic specialist. All of our orthopaedic care centers are well-equipped to provide all that our patients need.

For more information about our comprehensive treatment and recovery options, please browse our website or call the Philadelphia Hand to Shoulder Center today!

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