120 Huntingdon Pike, Suite 100
Rockledge, PA 19046

Phone: (215) 663-1208
Fax: (833) 941-3871

Physicians at this Location

Thomas J. Gillon, M.D.

Parking: Patients can access our parking lot from Fox Street. Turn right into the lot behind the building and walk around to the front to access our suite (on the Huntingdon Pike side).

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The Best Orthopaedic Care in Rockledge, PA

From the tips of your fingers to the top of your shoulder rests one of the most valuable parts of your body. From picking up a pen to pushing a wheelbarrow or making a left turn on the road, the correct function of your hands, wrists, arms, elbows, and shoulders is necessary for day-to-day life. However, due to the complexity of this area of the body, it is susceptible to injuries and complications. If any part of your upper extremity is hurt or damaged, the rest of your upper body suffers, and your day-to-day tasks are interrupted.

To protect against long-lasting pain and physical complications, people with arm injuries and inflammation should consult with orthopaedic specialists immediately. At the Philadelphia Hand to Shoulder Center in Rockledge, PA, the leading orthopaedic care center in the Greater Philadelphia Area, our patients receive only the best treatment, care, and recovery options from our medical professionals. Our doctors and surgeons are experts in orthopaedic care and can treat everything from tendonitis to fractured wrists and rotator cuff issues. They are deeply concerned with the health of their patients and dedicate themselves to providing the best individualized treatment, surgery, and therapy options available.

Orthopaedic Center in Rockledge, PA

Nestled between Abington, PA, and Northeast Philadelphia and located on easily-accessible Huntingdon Pike, the Philadelphia Hand to Shoulder Center in Rockledge, PA, is the ideal place for local patients with orthopaedic injuries. If you require professional treatment and surgery for fractures, dislocations, tendonitis, or any other hand to shoulder injury or pain, the orthopaedic specialists can be trusted to provide expert care.

At each of our 17 regional locations, the Philadelphia Hand to Shoulder Center offers the expertise and experience of fellowship-trained orthopaedic surgeons and provides the best, individualized treatment to each of our patients.

Our Promise to You

For nearly half a century, the Philadelphia Hand to Shoulder Center has been the leading team for specialty orthopaedic care and therapy in the Greater Philadelphia Area. All of our outstanding doctors, surgeons, and rehabilitation professionals at our many facilities are confident in their ability to properly heal their patients’ injuries, from rotator cuff problems to shoulder replacement surgery, and ultimately recovered as quickly as possible.

For more information about our comprehensive care services, please browse our website or call the Philadelphia Hand to Shoulder Center in Rockledge, PA, today!

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