See What Our Patients Have to Say About Our Physicians

“I would recommend Dr. Strohl for anyone needing surgery. He is extremely knowledgeable and can explain the procedure in plain English! Before my surgery I was in constant pain from my arthritis, cortisone shots were of no relief. After surgery, I am PAIN FREE!! What a relief to have full use of my hand for daily activities and sports! Thank you Dr. Strohl!” —February 2019

“Fast and accurate diagnosis and treatment. I was very pleased.” —February 2019

Dr. Wilson helped me when I fractured my distal radius to a point where I needed to have a plate inserted. This was my first surgery ever, and he made me feel comfortable and was very informational when it came to letting me know what needed to be done. I am now fully healed and I couldn’t be more thrilled with the results and outcome of the surgery. Everyone at the Hand to Shoulder center is very kind and compassionate. Dr. Wilson is a great guy and surgeon!” —January 2019

“I can’t say enough about Dr. Meredith Osterman she’s fantastic and everything you could ever want in a physician – I wish I could clone her for all of my medical needs. No one looks forward to having surgery but, I can say I’m looking forward to having another surgery performed by Dr. Meredith Osterman this time to repair what she believes to be a split UT tear in my wrist. I have full confidence it’ll be done with precision, care, and skill. I had a previous surgery performed by her three years ago and I couldn’t be happier with the outcome – there’s little to no scar tissue in my joint despite the fact I had a ligament repaired and a ruptured tendon removed. All of my function returned in about 6 months of therapy with the hand centers therapists who are also fantastic. On most days, I forget I had finger/hand surgery. I am extremely thankful for everyone in the hand center. I wouldn’t allow anyone else to touch my arms!” —December 2018

Great doctors and hand therapists.” —November 2018

 Dr. McBeath is a wonderful surgeon who completed wrist/arm surgery.” —October 2018

Dr. Patrick Kane, MD is an orthopaedic hand surgery specialist and an amazing surgeon. He is also associate with Thomas Jefferson University Hospital and Philadelphia Hand to Shoulder Center. Dr. Kane is an orthopaedic hand surgery specialist is the best doctor, he is easier to speak with, more compassionate, and more intuitive. I am highly satisfied with the services and consultation. I consulted with a doctor during my right elbow pain and fractured. I have used his office, for second opinion. There are of course many other hospitals doctors there but Dr. Kane is one of the best doctors I’ve ever had. He treated my right elbow with both respect and compassion. He was perfectly able to get me the care I needed. I am slowly getting back to normal. You can’t go wrong with Dr. Patrick Kane, a (Hand Surgery specialist). Some kind of calculation applies to the many tests that I would have to undergo. There would be many visits to doctors, nurses, remote monitoring, etc. My medical bill would be enormous, but because of Dr. Kane my medical bill charges were reasonable. Constant monitoring of my elbow condition is required for 3 more months to assure that the elbow is healing properly.” —September 2018

 My name is Matthew and I’m 32 years old. I’m a touring musician who travels all over performing. This summer I fractured my hand roughly 2 months before the start of our next tour. My anxiety over the situation was extremely high seeing as I’ve never broken a bone before either. Dr. Tosti was absolutely fantastic at reassuring my anxieties and giving me a realistic time and list of options best for my recovery. He rushed to get me into surgery the next day so I’d have the quickest possible recovery. Every visit was a positive experience and he made my first broken bone and a stressful situation extremely manageable and as easy as possible. Highly recommend the hand and shoulder center in KOP and specifically Dr. Tosti.”- October 2018

I am a dancer and I was on stage when I  had direct impact on my fingers and I knew had a hand injury that second, as I was confused, frustrated and in pain of course. I went to an urgent care the day after, they took x rays and said it was “just sprained”, 3-4 months later I had x-rays done again where then they said “nothing was wrong” but I demanded not to believe them so 3 more months later they sent me to Dr. Katolik where in the first visit he looked and played with my thumb and KNEW WHAT WAS WRONG RIGHT AWAY but needed an MRI to know where and how bad my RCL was torn. I got an MRI and it was confirmed that he was completely right and I had 110% faith and trust in him. I scheduled my surgery, got surgery, got physical therapy and I am now 9 months free without pain. I am texting this comment with my “bad” thumb too. I literally cannot thank him enough for how nonchalant and trustworthy he was. The most trustworthy doctor I have ever came across. HE IS A GOD.” –September 2018

“From the first time I saw Dr. Gillon I knew I was in good hands. His staff was very comforting and after my surgeries I felt like family. Michelle and Pam were super friendly and made sure all my questions were answered by Dr. Gillon. I wish I would have seen him sooner instead of fighting the pain and losing the battle. Dr. Gillon explained everything that he was going to do and what to expect with recovery. Great Surgeon.” —September 2018

Dr. Kearns is one of the best doctors I’ve ever had and will ever meet. I moved to Philadelphia only knowing my fiancé after volunteering abroad. I managed to basically shatter my left humerus in a freak accident. When I showed up to Dr. Kearns office I was scared and broke, with no family nearby, it was by far the darkest time of my life. Dr. Kearns approached my situation with both honesty and empathy. He was able to get me the care I needed and ended up performing a four-hour surgery on my left humerus. This was not an easy surgery by any stretch and he completed it with total perfection. Four months later and my left arm is 100% back to normal. Which is rare for my case. I am beyond grateful for the care Dr. Kearns has shown me. He is now a shining role model for my fiancé studying to be a PA on how to be a great doctor.” –June 2018

“I had the most positive experience these doctors were kind and professional and excellent surgeons.” —April 2018

“Very detailed and caring surgeon…..I was so impressed with his quick knowledge and actions getting me into surgery with a very painful broken wrist!! His real concern about me gave me the confidence to relax and know I was in great hands!!! I highly recommend DR. ZELOUF, he’s the best!” —April 2018

“Love Dr. Culp! He saved both mine and my son’s elbows! Great doctor!” —August 2017

Dr. Sidney M Jacoby is the best at his specialty. He diagnosed and treated both my husband and my hand issues quickly and painlessly. I’m so happy to have him in our arsenal of medical professionals to fight this horrible disease I have (SLE, MCTD and more). My husband has a trigger finger issue and I have De Quervain’s Tendinitis, along with mild arthritis in one hand. He already performed surgery on the other hand in 2014, and it was pretty successful. He is funny, and knows what he is doing. I like that he has a great sense of humor, because after all laughter is the best medicine!” —July 2017

“I could not be happier with the job Dr. Shin did in with the tip of my left index finger. He inserted a temporary pin and did a great job of debriding the wound, which left a minimal scar considering the size of the laceration. He’s very professional, courteous, and has a very calm-steady demeanor. The staff in Langhorne were very accommodating in terms of scheduling.” —June 2017

Dr. Rekant is the example of what every doctor should strive to be. He is always approachable and friendly; takes time to thoroughly answer my questions, never seems to be in a rush to move on to the next patient and he is funny! Even more than that, I trust his evaluation and treatment. I am completely satisfied and strongly recommend him. By the way, the staff is phenomenal, too.” —August 2017

“I found the entire process moved smooth and the doctor’s staff were very professional and well informed as to the process. Dr. Sweet is very friendly, knows her stuff and explains everything in detail leaving no questions. I am being treated for a trigger thumb/finger and she got it perfect.” —February 2017

“My husband and I have been a patient of Dr. John Bednar for a few years and have had the utmost confidence in his diagnosis and treatment’s that he has given us. He is a true gentleman and his staff is great.” —August 2017

Dr. Osterman is an amazing doctor. He did an amazing job on both my surgeries. He was able to find and repair damage that many other doctors could not. Wonderful bed side manner and explains everything to you in great detail. His staff is also fantastic. I recommend Dr. Osterman to anyone who had an issues with their hand.” —August 2017