Phoenixville Medicine at Limerick
Building A, Suite 1100 
420 W. Linfield-Trappe Road
Limerick, PA 19468

Phone: (610) 495-3200
Fax: (833) 941-3871

Physicians at this Location

Parking: Patients can access the parking lot off of Linfield-Trappe Road. Our suite is #1100 in the first building. Enter through the automatic glass doors.

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Excellent Orthopaedic Care in Limerick, PA

We rely heavily on our hands, wrists, arms, and shoulders to function correctly every day. From simple tasks like holding a coffee mug or writing a note to throwing a football or lifting your child from the ground, you need a fully functioning upper body more than you may realize. When there is an injury in this region, your entire body can be affected, disrupting your day-to-day life.

Your upper extremity - from fingertip to shoulder - is a complex system of bones, tendons, and ligaments that needs the best orthopaedic care. Medical attention should be sought out immediately because, if left untreated by trusted orthopaedic professionals, the damage can worsen and lead to pain and other complications. If you or someone you know is dealing with hand, wrist, arm, or shoulder injuries, your best solution is to consult with the experts at the Philadelphia Hand to Shoulder Center in Limerick, PA.

At the Philadelphia Hand to Shoulder Center in Limerick, PA, our orthopaedic specialists and surgeons treat everything from tendonitis and tennis elbow to dislocated shoulders and fractured wrists. We strive to give our patients non-surgical, surgical, and therapy options available to help them recover from their injuries quickly. We care deeply for each patient’s well-being and provide individualized treatment.

Orthopaedic Care in Limerick 

Right off US-422 and Lewis Road, our Limerick, PA, facility is a convenient location for all patients in need of expert orthopaedic treatment and surgery for their hands, wrists, arms, elbows, and shoulders. At this location, we treat fractures, tendonitis, tennis elbow, and many other hand to shoulder injuries.

When injured, it is essential that you know that you can count on the team caring for you. With the versatile medical specialists at all Philadelphia Hand to Shoulder Center locations, you can rest easy knowing that you are receiving the best orthopaedic care in the region for any problem from your fingers to your shoulders.

If you have any injuries or problems in the hand to shoulder region and require medical attention, we encourage you to give our Limerick, PA, facility a call to schedule an appointment at 1-800-385-PHSC.

Our Promise

For over 45 years, the Philadelphia Hand to Shoulder Center has provided the leading hand to shoulder treatment, care, and rehabilitation in the Greater Philadelphia Area. We believe that all patients living with any hand to shoulder orthopaedic injuries should have the opportunity to receive expert, personalized care from a medical specialist who genuinely cares about the health and vitality of their patients.

For more details about our comprehensive treatment and recovery options, please browse our website or call the Philadelphia Hand to Shoulder Center in Limerick, PA, today!

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