Welcome. We help guide you through insurance and new patient procedures so you can focus on getting better.

Before You Arrive — What You’ll Need

It may be helpful for you to complete some of your paperwork before you arrive at your first appointment. Simply click the "New Patient Forms" button on the right to download and print the forms for completion. This extra bit of time and privacy allows you to have a chance to speak with your family physician about your medications, previous injuries and other information you might not know off hand. It also gives you a chance to locate addresses and contact information for your pharmacy and physicians so your records can be as comprehensive as possible.

To prevent delays at your visits at the Hand to Shoulder Center, it is best to hand carry any studies that have been performed outside of the Hand to Shoulder Center, including X-Rays, MRI’s, CT Scans. It’s most helpful for you to have the images (most likely on a CD) and the report.

We Take the Complexity Out of Insurance

We know very well how confusing insurance can be today. Insurance carriers are always changing things. We will help you navigate the maze of insurance, disability and workers compensation (if appropriate). We're familiar with all major carrier's policies, referral requirements, including Medicare. If your insurance requires a referral, be sure to contact your family physician to have it prepared prior to your visit, this will help prevent delays at the time of your appointment. We are happy to provide you with our provider ID numbers to assist your family physician’s office with making out referrals. If you are unsure if you need a referral, please call your carrier or family physician to inquire.

Are You Traveling to See Our Specialists?

Not sure how to get to your appointment? For your convenience, we have easy to locate Google Maps links on our Offices & Directions pages. We have also prepared directions for when traveling some of the more common routes, these may be useful if you are familiar with the area.

Many of our patients travel nationally and internationally for their appointments. If your travel requires an overnight stay, we would be happy to assist you with locating a convenient hotel. With practice locations in and around Philadelphia and South Jersey, it is convenient to fly or travel by rail or car. Once you are in the area, you will find that both Pennsylvania (SEPTA) and New Jersey (NJ Transit) public transportation systems and taxi services are excellent.

What You Can Expect When You Arrive

We've created comfortable patient environments with loyal, compassionate, and empathetic staff that you will recognize at each of your visits with us. Each physician has a Clinical Assistant, who you will meet personally at your appointment, who will be a primary point of contact for medical questions when the doctor is unavailable. Each physician also has an Administrative Assistant who is your primary contact for things like disabiloity forms, questions about your medical records and other non-clinical matters.