A 40 Year Celebration

A. Lee Osterman, MD, President

Sustaining a thriving medical practice for 40 years can only happen if you consistently hire the best and provide an environment that unites advanced medical training, research opportunities and teamwork, all centered around state-of-the-art patient care and maximized patient outcomes.  

We Are Physicians, Doctors, Clinicians

When you start a business —in this case a medical practice—you always hope to build something big, something that earns the respect and the rapport with the community you intend to serve, something that stands out as being unique in every positive way.  The extraordinary talent at The Philadelphia and South Jersey Hand Centers has allowed us to grown from a single office location in Center City Philadelphia in 1973 to a full network of 19 state of the art office locations throughout Philadelphia, the surrounding suburbs, and South Jersey.  We are affiliated with the leading Universities, Health Systems, Hospitals, and Surgery Centers in the area.  Along with our vast network of offices, we operate at a total of 29 hospitals and surgery centers in the area; it’s our way of being accessible to our patients right when they need us.  We are proud of our Academic and Clinical affiliations with highly esteemed Health Systems, such as: Jefferson, Hahnemann/Drexel, Einstein, Temple, Main Line Health, Abington, Crozer Keystone, Phoenixville & St. Mary’s in Pennsylvania and Wills Eye, Virtua, Kennedy, & Lourdes in New Jersey.  We are also the leading hand & upper extremity specialists who service the major trauma centers and emergency rooms in the area.  

We Are Professors, Leaders, Role Models.

We are also proud to host the longest running hand and upper extremity Fellowship program in the country, which is also one of the largest of its kind.  Physicians who have completed their medical training and have a passion for specialized hand and upper extremity surgery can apply for a 1 year or 2 year Fellowship here at The Hand Center.  There are only 8 spots available between the two programs; with such limited availability we only accept the top tier of applicants.  Our training goes beyond the Fellowship.  Each year, through our involvement with The Hand Rehabilitation Foundation, we host multiple academic meetings.  The largest of these meetings is held in the first quarter of the year and is available to Surgeons and Therapists to come learn the latest techniques, advancements, and research findings in hand and upper extremity orthopedic surgery.  Professionals travel from around the world to attend this six day event right here in Center City Philadelphia.  Advancements in patient care, surgical and therapeutic techniques for the hand, wrist, arm, elbow and shoulder in four decades is simply astonishing.  Research and discoveries, innovations & inventions, along with cutting edge surgical techniques that seemed impossible years ago are what drive our practice and allow us to stay ahead of the others and lead by example.

What works for the knee doesn’t work for the Hands, Wrists, Elbows & Shoulders

In our 40 years, The Hand Centers have become known not only for the high caliber and elite skillset of our physicians, but those of our therapists as well and the high quality and personable nature of our support staff.  Our founders set a precedent and treatment style where physicians and therapists work together to deliver high quality care resulting in the best outcome for the patients outcome.  Our goal from the start and still today has been to return our patients to the activities and lifestyles they love as soon as possible and in the best way possible.

Patients of every kind have found help at The Philadelphia and South Jersey Hand Centers.

A father pitching to his son preparing for opening day and now has non-stop elbow pain.  A “do-it-yourselfer” who was overconfident with his new power tools that he received for Father’s Day inadvertently sliced his hand.  An assembly line worker or machinist is missing out on life because of a nagging debilitating burning or numbness down her arm.  Then there’s the poor motor vehicle accident victim, the gymnast with ligament tears in her wrist, the gentleman born with a deformed and dysfunctional hand that was told it could never be fixed or functional.  The professional athlete who was told he was “benched” but is eager to return to the game.  These are just some of our patients.  We have earned the trust of all of these people, their families, and their friends as well as the trust of the team physicians and trainers for the Professional and Collegiate sports teams in the area.

In many cases, people have traveled across the state, the country, and even the world to seek the opinion and treatment recommendations of our expert physicians.  The hand and upper extremity is like no other body part.

I am both thrilled and proud that we have cultivated a medical practice that has the respect of our peers while remaining approachable to any patient who needs our skills. I am so proud to work alongside some of the brightest, most innovative and thoughtful physicians, therapists and support staff I have ever met.  As we enter into our 5th decade as a private practice, we can only hope that what seems impossible today, will be a reality when even our youngest surgeons and students have been in practice for 40 years.